The Morning After
Video 00'40"

The Next Greece: A State of Potential Dystopia #0000FF Gallery

"Reading one of the countless articles concerning the current situation in Greece I came across the phrase ‘the next Greece’. I paused there for a little while because it seemed like wordplay and I needed to clear it out. Did the author mean Greece’s new underprivileged state of being or maybe some other country soon to follow (even a currently unsuspected one) Greece’s gloomy fate?... More than an idea, I guess, the next Greece is a condition. A state of potential dystopia. (...)

But what’s the meaning of this state for a young Greek artist? And what about a European or an International one? What’s their personal view and position in this? Did the political self washed out? How do they reflect on their recent joyful past? Is this misery times? What are they going to retrieve from the past and what to emphasize in the present in order to compose a visual mosaic worthy of current’s situation real taste?"

Georges Jacotey, curator of The Next Greece